How I stopped making excuses and started Blogging… (and you can too!)

How I stopped making excuses and started Blogging… (and you can too!)

If you have found yourself in a bit of a rut, not really sure if you are able to achieve what it is that you want or have dreamed of doing for a long time, where to start and how, then I am hoping that this post gives you the inspiration and drive to go after whatever it is that you truly desire, without excuses! Do you ever feel that your goals are unattainable?….I did too, and I still feel that way about some things I want to do but it’s all about believing in your power and potential that we all hold within ourselves! So (hopefully) for a little encouragement and push in the right direction to take action to achieve your goals, please read on!

…So I am a new (ish) mum of a 14 month little (absolutely crazy) girl and she is the best thing in the world that I wouldn’t change for anything. It is true to say that when you are a new mum there is so much change, not just with your body on the inside and outside but also mood swings, hormones, emotions, (lack of) energy, lack of sleep, insecurities, worrying…the list goes on, and all of these things combined can be HARD …not to mention keeping a human alive and happy! I experienced a massive lack of motivation…some days were great, I’d be super organised and have a little more energy than usual, I had done the housework, kept myself nourished and managed to keep my baby alive…(Always handy). Not all days are like this. Some absolutely suck and you just feel like crying all day long, lack of sleep for me was the worst thing ¬†because I didn’t have any energy or motivation ergo no creative ideas, excitement for my blogging future, or motivation for much at all.


Hindsight is a funny and an incredible thing! Looking back I realised all I was doing was complaining, making excuses and blaming outside events and circumstances for why I couldn’t do this, or do so many things that I am one hundred percent more than capable of achieving! Despite all of the things I have mentioned above, if we keep focusing on the negatives and what we don’t want and can’t achieve and lack of motivation, knowledge and energy that is exactly what we are going to continue to manifest in our lives! That’s when I decided that if I want something (ANYTHING) bad enough then I can absolutely make it happen, we all can! There are so many strong women and men out there with a lot going on in our lives but its having that strength and courage to take a step back, stop blaming everything around you….you are making the choices and excuses so you can stop them and go after whatever it is you want!

For me, currently I want to blog and continue to make content on my YouTube channel so I am doing that and I love it! Follow your heart, your love and passion of all things will lead you in the right direction. If something you feel attracted towards keeps reappearing that you want to explore, go for it! It’s a sign from the universe, so listen and follow your heart.

Lots of Love, Selina xxx




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