Autism and Neurotypical vs. Love & Law of attraction; Our Journey

Autism and Neurotypical vs. Love & Law of attraction; Our Journey

I am actually super excited (and a little anxious) about this post because I am going to be letting you into my life and telling you about some of the obstacles me and my partner face as a couple and individuals, but mostly because I am praying this post will give many of you HOPE! Hope that no matter what challenges you face, you are never alone and if you surround yourself with positivity, love and the support that you need, you can always get to where you want to be! And remember we are all worthy of love no matter what. ♡

Some of you may be wondering what on earth this title is about and what it implies, so here goes!
A neurotypical person is a label for people who are not on the autistic spectrum. Autism is thankfully becoming more well-known nowadays and is a condition that effects many people in different ways, some have learning difficulties, mental health issues, heightened sensitivity, lowered sensitivity, communication barriers and so much more! Just like neurotypical people, autistic people and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US are all beautiful, unique and different in our own ways.

In my relationship, I am the neurotypical one and my partner has autism. We have had our difficulties but who hasn’t?! In all honesty I am in love with him and that includes the autism. They are a package deal, they can’t be separated and I wouldn’t want it any other way. It is what makes him, him and me love him… and to be perfectly honest with you all, I feel like for me personally it makes me more of an understanding, open minded and open hearted person. His mind works totally different to mine which I love, because not only is it so interesting to talk about so many things and see an entirely different perspective, but he unveils a whole new different view point to me! His interests in certain things are extensive and I think that’s incredible and I strive to be like that….we have a little inside joke/nickname, I call him my superhero because of his heightened senses he can hear/see/smell/touch everything more than myself and neuro-typical people can (which can sometimes be really uncomfortable for him), but he has coping methods that he has developed over the years to help him manage this.

So, when relating to the law of attraction, I am the dreamer, the one who is always doing my visualisations, meditating, affirmations, manifesting, thinking positive and so on (which I love and embrace fully). I find it relatively easy to act as if and imagine I have the things that I desire, which can sometimes make manifesting easier. However, like everyone I experience resistance, doubt and fear which can sometimes impact my positivity and the results that I manifest. Although, as I am aware of this I am able to change my thoughts of negativity to positivity, doubt to certainty, fear to courage, trust in myself and the universe and know that the law of attraction is always working in my favour, as long as I am.

So my partner Chris, has aspergers and autism which effects the way his mind works in everyday life, work, in most situations and in terms of positivity and the law of attraction. He sometimes experiences difficulty in seeing things as if, when they are not physically in front of him and sees everything as the way that it is now, in the present moment. Although he experiences some difficulties, one of the most amazing things is his vivid and accurate imagination, that when he focuses on what he wants and imagines himself having it now, he could manifest it almost instantly. He has a lot to deal with and sometimes feels like he is battling his own mind everyday due to his autism, but the incredible thing about this wonderful man is that he never plays the victim. He knows that by taking responsibility of his life and actions and accepting himself as he is, autism included…he can conquer anything and everything. He is such a loyal, truthful and determined man whose ambition and intelligence will get him where he wants to be. Once he sets his mind on something, he gives it 100% of his best and goes for it and doesn’t accept anything less. He affirms it, believes it and he achieves it.

Together we work in harmony, we balance each other out. He keeps me grounded and focused on the bigger picture when I get overwhelmed and is constantly in my corner, reminding me of how much I have to give and how much I am worth, which I couldn’t be more grateful for. I keep him positive….even when he is feeling down I always try my best to help see the brighter side and to try to change his thoughts to positive ones….I’m there to listen to him and to understand when he needs time to himself when things become too much or too overwhelming for him. I accept him as he is and he accepts me as I am and that’s why we work so well together. He is the Yang to my Yin and I am so excited to spend the rest of my life with him and our little family.

So, I suppose what I really want to emphasise here is that there is always light within darkness…you just have to make the choice to see it. So many people with autism are among the most intelligent people in history, so never think you are not good enough or worthy enough…YOU ARE ENOUGH…You are MORE than enough, you are beautifully unique, incredible, magnificent, wonderful and so gifted. Embrace who you are because that little quirk about you that you may not like, or that difference that makes you, you…somebody is going to absolutely LOVE! We are all worthy of love no matter what.
In the past Chris and I have had parents with children who have autism, reach out to us about their concerns regarding their son/daughter finding love, so if you are a parent of someone who is autistic and have concerns or worries about them finding someone who will love and appreciate them as much as you do, I hope and pray this post can somewhat ease your worries. There is someone out there who will love absolutely everything about them just the way they are and will make every effort to understand, love, cherish and commit to them just as much as I do with my future husband. (p.s the photo featured is my partner and I taking part in a bridal shoot…we aren’t married yet! The ball is in his court now haha!)

As always lots of love and I really hope you have enjoyed this post and it has helped you in some way!

Love Selina xxx


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