Where are we going wrong when it comes to manifesting our desires?…

Where are we going wrong when it comes to manifesting our desires?…

Hey beautiful, first and foremost thanks for spending a few moments with me here and I hope you enjoy this post! …Have you ever been in a situation where you just wanted all of your desires and your dreams to materialise, manifest and come true so desperately and nothing was happening, despite all of your efforts ? ….Yeah, me too. There are two points to this post, one relating to why you may not be quite where you want to be when it comes to manifesting what you want and the second point being about the importance of focusing on your feelings when manifesting.

So number one…and I was debating to give this point it’s very own blog post however I think it’s necessary to talk about it here and now… so there’s a tricky part that comes with manifesting your desires. First of all when you discover all about the law of attraction and manifesting, you’ll either think this is going to be really hard and a challenge, or maybe you’ll think it’s going to be really easy and that you’ve got it in the bag… and then there’s others who are just going to give it a go and see what happens, but just know that Henry Ford was right when he said “Whether you think you can or cannot, you are right”… Law of attraction 101.

When I starting consciously manifesting I would use visualisation as one of my techniques and it worked, however in hindsight I have realised that what I would visualise were actually things that I didn’t want….like spiders in my room and one crawling on my bed which is what I specifically visualised…why??! I have no idea… apparently I enjoyed being terrified haha! Looking back I have realised that I manifested that so easily because it is actually something I didn’t want…so there was no desperation of me wanting it or any resistance or attachment… and BOOM, 3 days later, it happened! (It was almost a piss yourself on the spot moment I wont lie…) This was a big realisation for me because in all honesty I was not very good at consciously manifesting, especially the things that I wanted… the “small” things, yes I was OK at those but the “bigger” things I wasn’t great at and I know why, it’s because I really really wanted them, therefore instead of acting as if and feeling like I already had them and whatever it was, was already mine… I was manifesting more lack and the feeling of not having it and therefore continue to manifest wanting it. (I’m using past tense because I am an amazing manifester now lol).
So what am I babbling on about?… Well, the main thing we all have to try to understand here is that you have to let that attachment of whatever it is that you desire go, let it go (I know you are singing it too…). When we visualise something we want to manifest, feel as if it is already ours and then detach from it, that’s when it manifests….and really quickly for some.

As my spiritual path continues and my growth and alignment does too, I am aware and accepting of what will come into my life, is meant to be there at the right time. My trust in the universe and divine timing keeps my absolute faith in knowing what will be, will be and it is the most peaceful, fulfilling way to live and I have hope that you will find it too and I know you will get there. After realising these things and accepting them, I have learnt that I need to work on more gratitude practises and affirmations because if I am not manifesting my desires, no matter how big or small they may seem, there is a reason for that…I’m blocking the universe from the abundance and blessings that I deserve! I believe with meditation and consistence in gratitude exercises, daily affirmations, raising our vibrations and acting as if, we are getting closer and closer, if not already manifesting the life of our dreams, but if you are like I was and realise you are manifesting more of what you already have or what you don’t really want, then it is time to take a step back reflect and really work on those blockages, hold the mirror up to ourselves, do the inner work and think about how blessed we already are and everything we are blessed with in our lives. We need to take responsibility for why we are not manifesting what we want and make the changes so that we can have the life we truly desire and are worthy of.

OK so if you are still along on this ride with me (a massive congrats and thank you! Haha) here’s my second and final point I am going to make and it is that when you want to manifest something into your life you really have to FEEL it! Feel that passion when you think of you living your life the way you dream of… feel the joy it brings you and the people around you, feel how incredible and magical having it is, feel how wonderful it feels to say its all yours and feel the GRATITUDE and certainty that the universe is delivering it to you. You have put it out there to the universe and placed your order, which is a great way to look at it and now all you have to do is wait patiently and without anxiety, doubt or resistance because you know it is yours. Trust and believe in the magic of yourself and the universe because it always delivers.

Lots of love,

Selina X



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