Ego is not the enemy

Ego is not the enemy


Hey beautiful people!

So let’s do this…ego has a pretty bad reputation doesn’t it?… and I get it I really do. When we initially think of ego we think of fear and judgement and are guilty of casting it with a negative stigma. I think we are totally handling this all wrong and I will tell you why. Ok so I personally am on a life long spiritual journey which means along the way I have already learnt SO much about myself and a lot of this has been learning to love myself truly and unconditionally, it really is all about self love and true acceptance of ourselves and if we intend of embracing ourselves as spiritual beings, I believe that extends to loving ourselves completely as human beings… this means totally accepting and acknowledging our egos and treating them with so much love.

Yes, ego can be self destructive and hold us back from our dreams and goals in life but only if we let it and give it that power. The power we have within ourselves in human and spirit form is the most incredible power we hold because when we give the power over to one part of ourselves, there no longer is a harmony or a balance. Awareness is key here, in general I think we all need to be way more aware. When we are aware we are more focused and more at peace, our minds are able to center and relax, that’s how I feel anyway. I am totally guilty of being in my ego at times but the difference from staying there and being aware that I am in the ego has been absolutely (ground) shifting for me. When we can be aware of our ego and that we might be in a place that (if we stay there) could serve us not in the best way…guess what? we can use that power that we all have within us and move away from it.

Now I hear you might be a little conflicted when thinking about seeing the ego with love, maybe you are thinking ‘why should I love the ego it holds me back’…’why should I love the ego it isn’t my true self, it’s limiting’… we could go on for a while but instead of going on to find reasons why ego is a bad thing and doesn’t serve us, let’s look at the good. Life lesson; always look for the good, in everything. I think the most self loving and “spiritual” thing we can do in regards to our egos …is to love it and by that I mean acknowledge it is there and that you are in it….you might judge someone, or yourself, or complain about something or another person or maybe you have a fearful thought that is holding you back from doing something you want to do, that negative voice has crept in and is telling you that you can’t do this or that because of x, y, z (just a few examples). But now here is the big part, the most loving part and the best way to get away from those thoughts is to acknowledge, accept, love and move on to a healthier head space and inner peace that feels good, calm, clear and aligned. When your ego makes an appearance, just remember it’s only ever something triggered or conditioned…it’s from within and even though it is part of us as humans it’s there to just be like “Oh hi I’m in fear about this and I don’t think I can do it because…” If we can try to see it as a voice from within that is scared and unsure we then need to be that reassurance and let the ego know that we have got this, we can do it, we can do anything we set our minds to and that we have that strength, power that love and so much more inside of us supporting us all the way. Reassure your ego that you are grateful for it bringing up this concern, worry, fear or judgement and that it’s OK, that you can do it or you can see the situation or person, and yourself with love.

So the next time ego might say hello, don’t be hard on yourself or throw abuse at it because that is not loving yourself. Try giving your ego a nice name if you like… choose a name that you like because if this works for you it may help you see it with some love and comfort. If we are to be truly self loving we must love every part of ourselves, human and spirit and that is apart of our human brains…so let’s all see it with love and if we can do that I think we can do anything.

Ego is not the enemy.

Lots of love as always,

Selina x


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