Feeling guilty and forgiving ourselves

Feeling guilty and forgiving ourselves

Hey Beautiful people! Long time no see! I hope you are all well.

So I am actually feeling pretty guilty about how long it has been since I wrote a blog post or uploaded a YouTube video onto my channel and so I thought, why not share these feelings and end this hiatus (way too long might I add!).

Many of us put so much pressure on ourselves to do so much, too much in fact and it’s time that we take a step back and look at how we are feeling and really reflect upon what it is that is causing us to feel this way – in my case guilt, because I feel like in some way I am letting people down by not doing more blog posts…or maybe letting myself down because I do really enjoy doing them but in all honesty, life gets a little busy sometimes and that’s OK!! I am being honest with you when I say that I just don’t feel it sometimes and that is something I’ve really learnt to honour and be OK with because sometimes the most loving thing we can do for ourselves is to go within and really get real with how we feel and why. If you don’t vibe something – and that could be for a number of reasons (known and unknown) – trust that! Once we go within and really acknowledge our feelings and I feel like I’ve said this a thousand times maybe in my posts on here, my Instagram and my YouTube, but it is so true that when we acknowledge our feelings we can figure out why we are feeling this way and then can begin the process of healing and forgiving ourselves.

When I first heard about forgiving ourselves through practising self love I actually was a bit confused because nobody ever talks about forgiving ourselves but only others, so the idea of forgiving myself was a bit tricky for me to get my head around. Not to mention with the pressures from the media, society and just judgement in all forms which makes life a little less pleasant sometimes as it is, it can be tough. BUT we can do it….a few things that have really helped me with forgiving myself is looking at the situation and in this specific one, thinking ‘OK well if I were to wack out blog posts consistently, Instagram posts everyday and YouTube videos everyday or every week, yes, that would be great as I would be providing content for my followers and subscribers and hopefully helping people….right?’ In fact no that would not be the case at all for me… many people can do the above and are amazing at it but this is where we have to remember that each of us are different and unique and we can’t all do the same things. I have learnt that by actually honouring my feelings and if I feel inspired, like I want to write or if I want to make a video then that’s when my content is actually so much better than if I were to do it every single day. When I feel I have something special, important and a message to share, I do and that is by no means a continuous thing, I wish it were but it isn’t.

Behind the scenes a lot has been going on in my life personally so again I have to honour that and we all need to honour how we are feeling because you will see that when you do, you can be so much more present, you can serve so much better, help and bring more light, love and magic into the world when you are feeling your best . It is like that timely saying “You cant love anyone until you love yourself”. It is true that you bring so much more when your self love cup is filled right to the top and is overflowing, so remember beautiful people, to honour your feelings and forgive yourself because you are absolutely AMAZING and are doing so much better than you think and it’s time that you know that and celebrate that!

Lots of love and positivity as always and I hope inspiration strikes very soon so that I can join you here again asap!

Selina X


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