Reconnecting with nature and those who uplift us

Reconnecting with nature and those who uplift us


Hi guys! I hope you’re all doing well ❤

I’m going to be very honest with you all here as it serves no one to pretend and goes against being authentic which I pride myself on being. So lately I have not been in alignment, at all. I have felt so angry and agitated and literally the smallest thing would irritate me and anger me so much that my reactions didn’t even feel like my own. I have been feeling guilty as well over getting aggravated by some of the things my daughter has been doing and not handing it in the way which I know deep down is the right way. If you know me you’ll know that usually I am a happy, kind, positive person and lately that has not been me and 2 days ago the light bulb switched on.

I was spending the day with my friend Emma and we hadn’t seen each other in about 2 weeks and it just lifted me up to have her to talk about how I have been feeling and someone so like minded and uplifting to be around, so thank you! ❤ I already knew that the absence of being with my girls who are always so uplifting and fill my cup all the way up has effected me a lot and I was already feeling so much better for seeing her. That evening and the next day I had my friend Kirsty’s birthday celebrations to look forward to and again I hadn’t seen her for around 2 weeks as well. I cannot Express how much better I felt being around her and like minded, positive and loving friends of mine and I am so grateful for them, not only because they are just amazing people trying to serve and bring more love and light into the world, but also because I was reminded how important it is to spend time and connect with those we love and those who get us and uplift us. So thank you lovely ladies it means the world to me and I can honestly say I feel so much more connected and aligned already.

The final and equally important experience I have had this weekend was reconnecting with nature. I absolutely love nature, the elements speak to me and the love I have for mother nature is unfathomable. But the connection I have with the ocean is something else. I haven’t been to the beach or been near the ocean in too long and I needed it. I love the ocean and today I got to be with the ocean. It was magical and I felt like I was home, me again. And I can honestly say I felt a shift. I feel calm, I feel happy and more at ease and peace with everything going on around me. My reactions have already shifted back to ones that I know to be my own. The zen has returned and I feel aligned again.

All is well with the world (it always has been) but I needed to learn a valuable lesson these past few weeks and go through hardships and emotional growth so that I know to not neglect the most important parts of myself and I believe that bringing and being the light and the love is very high up on that list.

My point is, is that if you are going through something similar and are feeling stuck and that you can’t get back into alignment no matter what you are doing, the affirmations, setting intentions (because I was trying these and it just didn’t seem to be helping me) …try being with those who lift you up, try reconnecting with nature. Breathe in that fresh ocean air and watch the waves crashing. Go into the forest or the lush greenery that you love and embrace the energy. We will be drawn to and vibe with different parts of nature, but whatever that is for you…reconnect with the energy of mother earth and the universe. It’s magical and can bring you back home to you, like it has for me. And remember all is well, it really is.

Lots of love as always,

Selina ❤


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